About akoustica

Akoustica, a Canadian team, has over 60 years of accumulated research and development expertise, from a background in building hearing-aid reliability test equipment, sound system products, and high quality in-ear monitors (earphones) for European and American companies.

With high standards of excellence and technological innovation in product design, the Akoustica team presents a series of unique, moderately-priced, hand-crafted earphones for your personal enjoyment of beautiful music. The Akoustica in-ear monitors provide realistic, high-end musical bliss by retaining the crystal clear quality of your original recordings across a wide range of frequencies with sound isolation.

Music provides physical and mental relaxation, much like the company of a good friend. Good music balances our bodies and minds, touches our hearts, keeps us happy, and comforts us in sadness. Listening to music reduces our stress, anxiety, and depression. We cannot help dancing and humming when we hear music, which magically boosts our happiness deep within.

Great music requires a top-notch device that bridges the path from ear to mind, allowing us to enjoy the wonderful experiences brought on by splendid music. With Akoustica’s superb in-ear monitors, you will be able to enjoy high quality music anytime and anywhere, whether travelling, in a library, or at the office.

The quality of music in your ears with Akoustica earphones is comparable to attending a live music venue. The ambient noise in your surroundings is reduced, and all you will hear is the beauty of your vocal or orchestral music. A pair of Akoustica earphones produces many layers of sounds. You will hear crisp, clear highs, and rich, resonant lows, with outstanding realism throughout a wide range of frequencies for an immersive listening experience.

Akoustica in-ear monitors/earphones are small, light, and easy to carry. You get a molded zippered pouch and a water-resistant case for storage and travel protection, all presented in a beautiful engraved wooden box in which everything arrives. Your package includes 11 pairs of ear bud tips in various shapes and sizes, made of different material for you to customize to the comfort of your ear canals, enabling you to wear them for hours. These customized tips effectively block ambient noise for your pure listening pleasure.

Are you still listening to music with ordinary, cheap earphones? The quality of the Akoustica sound will blow you away! Invest in the best sound you’ve ever heard at affordable prices. Akoustica in-ear monitors pair the latest technology with outstanding realism and comfort for the audiophile. Akoustica prides itself on outstanding customer service. Check the site for future awesome products!