About akoustica

Our company ”AKOUSTICA® ” derived from the Hebrew ”אקוסטיקה” meaning ”acoustics” has continuously pursued “The Correct Sound”. In the last 45 years, Akoustica has had a solid commitment to building remarkable Hi-Fi sound systems, ranging from power amplifiers, DACs, digital transports, and audio electronic equipment to comprehensive user interface designs.

Over the years, our research and development design and fabrication practices have culminated in improved higher precision system configurations, circuit board layouts, part placements, minimizing signal phase shifts and distortions over wide frequency spectrums.

The overall performance of our product is upgraded by using high accuracy passive and active components such as the resistor, capacitor, inductor, crystal oscillator, transformer, transistor, Op Amp, and DA converter chip in our audiophile system design and assembly.

Akoustica product uses board layout principles that improve mere good sound to the best clarity by reducing sound distortion, eliminating background noise and cross talk, using surge suppression, voltage regulation, de-coupling, and ripple reduction for other noise problems. We focused on current flow, segregate mix signal circuit analog and digital section, EMC filter circuit configuration, and PCB copper conductivity to optimize overall heat dissipation.

All Akoustica In-Ear Monitor (earphone) users benefit from the accumulated expertise at our company, as we harmonize the design between cavity, driver units and crossover circuit for outstanding sound performance.

We have collected over 1500 volunteer ear molds, the cavities of which have been designed for general shapes and sizes, even a comfortable fit for smaller ears.

Akoustica visited hundreds of music instrument craftsmen, professional performers, and audio engineers, made countless comparisons and reviews to arrive at the optimal states between ”The Correct Sound” and tonal balance for Akoustica products in order to deliver the best to our customers.

Dozens of music producers globally of differing recording master styles were invited to express their aural recommendations to improve the Akoustica listening experience.

Through much research by Akoustica, when you use our In-Ear Monitors, you will hear an accurate and realistic live performance experience, because original studio recordings were used throughout the whole testing process as the standard sound source for verification. Together with excellent quality driver units, matched with in-house engineered crossover circuitry, researched data reference, ultimately ”The Correct Sound” can only be heard in Akoustica In-Ear Monitors.